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Diane Canney
Founder of
Art of the Matter, Inc

As a winery owner, artist, and philanthropist, Diane is passionate about using the power of art to transform how people view each other and the world around them. 


During the crisis of the pandemic, she created the COVID-19 HOPE Quilt and its Letters of HOPE Display to honor frontline workers and those who were significantly impacted or died.  As a portrait artist, she captured both their expressive faces and moving stories. Her community-based project grew into a national project.  From this success and her work with other public works project, she established the Art of the Matter, Inc. This 501c3 non-profit.


She has worked in the healthcare industry, in the marketing /advertising and design field and held senior management positions for the US government.


Her hobbies include kayaking, swimming, boating, photography, fine art and travel.

Mike (ALT).jpg
MIKE Canney
Secretary and Treasurer
Art of the Matter, Inc.

Mike an entrepreneur, started and managed several successful companies including his first while in college. He earned a degree in Physics and Math and later an MBA. He most successful company Intelligence Data Systems, became the fastest growing technology company in Virginia and one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States.


While running IDS, Mike started his first vineyard and found a new passion. After selling IDS, Mike and his wife Diane rescued a historic 1870 farm from subdivision to convert it into a winery. He applied his engineering skills adding solar power “Turning Sunshine into Wine”.  He expanded his vineyards to Shenandoah and Loudoun counties and owns and operates Sunset Hills Vineyard and 50 West Vineyards.


When not working, Mike who used to race cars now enjoys world travel, photography, bicycling and boating.

passport 2018 David (ALT).jpg
Art of the Matter, Inc

David started his profession at Multi Image Group in 1984.  He worked for Clients such as IBM, Post and Lever brands.  His association with Media Design Group started in 1993, as Art Director, and he supported messaging with such brands as AAA, CIGNA, Exxon Mobil, Tropicana, and others. 

David started his own firm, kalimera design company in 2005, continuing to work with the above mentioned business as well as adding to his Client portfolio of work with the national associations, AZA and NCBA.

During his off-time, David is known for haunting Used & Independent book stores and spends a lot of time running up and down hills.

Former Vice President Workday, Inc.
Former Vice President, Peoplesoft
Board Member Art of the Matter, Inc.

Beth spent over 25 years in the business software world, overseeing product and content localization,
documentation, curriculum development, and the customer information portal. 

As Vice President of Language Services at both PeopleSoft, Inc, and then later at Workday, Inc., she and her teams helped customers effectively deploy and use products worldwide in up to 37 languages.  At both companies, she grew her teams from a few resources to more than 200 employees and 150 contractors across the globe.

Beth earned Bachelors degrees in Business Administration (BS) and Spanish Language and Literature (BA).  She later received an MBA, emphasis International Business.  She and her husband divide their time between San Francisco and the northern California redwoods. 


She enjoys playing with her rescue kittens, outdoor sports, photography, and world travel.


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