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Together We Will Heal -
project description

Our Project involves the following elements:

  • Attracting the participation of hundreds, if not thousands, of people to share their own stories as to how they were challenged, suffered, triumphed, and eventually healed throughout the pandemic. People can participate in Together We Will Heal by simply uploading a photo image of themselves and their brief story through the website’s portal.  We will also accept selfie videos in gathering the submissions. 

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  • Curating 100 images and stories from those that have been submitted, a gallery of finalists will be included in the Together We Will Heal Portrait Collection.

  • From the selected images, we will employ local artists to create original painted portraits, informed by the accompanying story.These paintings will represent a variety of occupations and experiences to form a comprehensive narrative of the effects of COVID-19 on this representative sample of the US population.This cohort should consist of medical, transportation, education, food supply essential workers, as well as ordinary folks navigating the Coronavirus pandemic.By keeping their stories alive, we will help future generations be prepared for future pandemic outbreaks.We must remember what we went through these years, the heroic and tragic.


  • Upon the creation of the artist’s work on the portraits, Together We Will Heal will take the Project on tour with exhibits to a variety of public venues including,

    • Schools

    • Municipal buildings

    • Hospitals

    • Airports

    • Museums

    • And other public spaces.

By taking the Project directly to the populace, we hope to allow people to acknowledge the pain, the loss, and the acts of heroism & integrity that served to bring us to the other side of the Coronavirus pandemic, to a place where we can begin to heal.

  • Together We Will Heal will digitize the assets created by our Project and make those items available to the public online.  It will be an archive of photos, paintings, and stories (both printed and captured as audio and video).  This archive will be a resource for future generations, world over, to be able to learn from our collective odyssey in navigating the perils of COVID-19.

  • The digitized assets gathered from the Together We Will Heal project will also be made available for permanent placement in various global library collections, including Getty Images, iStockphoto, and Adobe Stock

COVID-19 has affected life in America in many ways and its impact has created inspiring, moving stories of heroic effort and resilience across the United States.  These are the images and stories upon which Together We Will Heal is based.

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