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ICU Nurse Relief

Lisa Bristol, RN


Artist: Lisa Bristol


I’m an ICU nurse and had worked with the COVID patients from Day One. Initially, the patients just trickled in. Then, it was overwhelming. Having 3 vented patients on multiple drips with code after code. I had never seen anything like it in my 32 years of nursing.


Short staffed and working overtime, we all did the best we could. Our hospital administration was very supportive, but it was just rough. I now knew what PTSD was.


With the lockdown, I needed some stress relief so I bought a sewing machine. It had been years since I sewed. I also liked to draw, so I incorporated both.


My piece is a small quilt that is drawn, painted with acrylic paint, colored pencils and quilted with different thread colors. The nurse is a drawing of a picture of a nurse I found. The photograph was a perfect example of how powerless I felt. I illustrated the exact PPE that we wore for those 12-hour shifts.


I’m still new at the quilting thing but this artwork was very healing for me and hopefully someone else will relate to it.


Thank you.

Lisa Bristol, RN

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