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WE WILL heal

through the arts

Together We Will Heal is a non-profit cultural arts project honoring people who have contributed to the greater good of their community - people who may not seek recognition, yet deserve their stories to be acknowledged and celebrated.  Recalling the stories of these heroes through art in unforgettable public displays, we aim to bring positive social impact. 


And although each word of our project’s title is important -- Together | We | Will | Heal – the word “TOGETHER” conveys a uniquely powerful sense of community that, sadly, seems to be in short supply.


As we believe that art has a unique ability to convey complex feelings and emotions often beyond the capacity of words, Together We Will Heal has created two exhibits designed to help bring people closer to one another through shared, common values.


And while the pandemic is the unfortunate common experience that inspired the creation of our project, there are other problems in America that can be bridged using the same word and conveying similar stories and images of hope, perseverance, inspiration and unity from people across America.  Anything is possible, if we do it TOGETHER.


Our TOGETHER arts project has attracted the participation of people from all walks of life and accumulated unique, personal and deeply moving stories from across America, with more coming in each day.


To display these inspiring images and stories we have developed two exhibits that are, in themselves, pieces of cultural art. Each of these two exhibits displays 12 images of inspiring Americans (each with a QR code that allows viewers to see the individual’s backstory) featuring the letters TOGETHER.


Who We Are and What We Do


40 feet wide and 9.5 feet tall


19.5 feet wide and 2.5 feet high

Moving Forward

To bring the messages of unity and inspiration to as many people as possible in a safe and meaningful way, we are scheduling of tour of our TOGETHER exhibits beginning in July, 2021 that will continue through June, 2022 at airports, stadiums, hospitals and select public venues across the United States.


For the portraits below, click on the images to enter our Preview Gallery and learn of the stories of these individuals.

Note:  Mobile Users, such as smartphones and tablets, need to tap twice on the portraits to enter the Gallery (the first tap reveals the title of the portrait and the second tap allows you to enter).

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